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Best Online Blackjack Sites for US Players – 2020

blackjack casinos for us players

The world of online casinos has started to gain more and more value every day. Because people who do not have access to physical casinos or who do not want to waste time going to physical casinos can earn money without leaving their home thanks to online platforms. Different games, deposit and withdrawal methods, advantageous options, and much more available on online casino sites have made these platforms more popular. Even individuals living in a country like the United States today prefer to have a remote casino experience by downloading apps to their mobile devices instead of going to Las Vegas.

The increase of security options in online casino sites causes all kinds of games from table games to slot machines to be experienced on these platforms. People bet safely, plan a game strategy, and load money. So, which online casino sites offer the best results in terms of both fair and responsible gaming and game quality? Especially considering that Blackjack is one of the most preferred games in the world of table games, we can change the question a little more. What is the best casino site to play blackjack? What factors should we consider when choosing between casino sites? With high bonus options and prestigious security structures, which casino sites deserve higher attention than others?

We have done very detailed research about the online casino world for you. So, we found the most popular casino sites. We have selected options among these casino sites that will offer you the best Blackjack performance. You can examine these options in a list and choose the most advantageous for you. Here is a list:




el royale casino

250% up to $12.500 + 25 free spins

red dog casino

%250 Slots Bonus!

xbet casino

%100 up to $300

myb casino

%200 up to $1,000

mybookie casino

%150 up to $750

sloto cash casino

$7,777 Bonus

slots empire casino

%250 upto $12,500

bovegas casino

Welcome 300% Match Bonus - NEVADA300

uptown aces casino

$8,888 Bonus

desert nights casino

%250 up to $2,550

7bit casino

Deposit $20 or 0.0025 BTC GET 200 Free Spin!

miami club casino

Deposit $25 Get 200 Free Spin

red stag casino

$2,500 Bonus + up to 500 Free Spins!

slots capital casino

Deposit $25 play with $125

What Should Be Considered When Choosing One Of The Online Casino Sites?

While trying to choose one of the online casino sites, there are many factors you need to examine in order to achieve the most advantageous results. By examining these factors in detail, you can ensure that the profit you get from casino games is maximized. The number of platforms waiting for you in the online casino world is really huge. Having an account on all these platforms can be a bit difficult. Here you will see which features of these platforms you should examine in detail.

The bonus options available on online casino sites will be the first document you should look at. Online bonus options are divided into two as no deposit bonus and deposit bonus. Let’s examine these bonus options one by one.

The bonus options in the first category are deposit bonuses. So what’s in the deposit bonus category? Let’s first look at this.

Deposit Bonus Options

  1. The first deposit bonus type can be a cash back bonus. Such bonus options allow you to recover a certain amount of your payment to the casino site. You can buy the money you get back any commodity you wish, you don’t need to use this money on the online casino site. This is the biggest difference in cashback bonuses from others.
  2. The second deposit bonus type is percent bonuses. Let’s say you are in your 3rd month on the online casino site. You also made a balance upload this month. If you want this balance upload to earn more money than you spend, you can use percentage bonuses. Let’s say you used a 200 percent bonus. Let’s say you made a $ 100 balance charge before using this bonus. In this case, you will receive a $ 200 bonus. After all, you will have a total balance of $ 300 in your casino account.
  3. Another deposit bonus type is called a high roller bonus. These bonus types are generally used by people who load very high amounts of balance. For example, the high roller bonus, designed for people who load over $ 750, can earn up to 400 percent additional balance. This is another deposit bonus.

There may be a large number of deposit bonuses offered to users with different names on online casino sites. For detailed information, don’t forget to visit the Bonuses section of your preferred casino site.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonus types are the most preferred bonus types especially for individuals who have just entered online casino sites. In order to benefit from no deposit bonuses, all you have to do is use casino bonus codes. When you use the casino bonus codes, the system will automatically upload the bonus to your account if you meet all other conditions. No deposit bonus types are offered especially in welcome bonus packages. If you want to get more information about free spins, cash, or other options in the Welcome bonus packages, continue reading the content below.

  1. Free spins: The most popular bonus type in the No deposit casino category are spins that you can use for free. You can use these spins on slot machines, video slot machines, 3D slot machines, BTC slot machines. Thanks to these spins, you can make your betting transactions completely free of charge. In addition, keep in mind that free spins on online casino sites can sometimes be provided with a deposit. However, it should be underlined that generally free spins are offered as no deposit. In bonus packages, free spins may be offered in 15s, sometimes 200s.
  2. Cash: You can also earn cash directly thanks to different no deposit bonuses available on online casino sites. Cash bonuses on online casino sites are generally offered in Euros or Dollars. These bonuses are offered to users between $ 25 and $ 40. But there is a very important detail in this regard. If you withdraw the bonus in cash on your casino site from your account and use it elsewhere, you will not be able to do so. Cash bonuses are designed to be used in games only within the casino site. Cash bonuses available on online casino sites can be used in different game types. While free spins are available for a limited type of game, cash applies to a wider area.
  3. BTC: If you prefer platforms that accept Bitcoin among online casino sites, you will immediately notice that these platforms can also offer you a no deposit bonus in BTC. The vast majority of casino sites in the category called BTC casinos can offer bonuses up to a maximum of 1 BTC, for example. These advantages are sometimes offered in welcome bonus packages.

Playing Blackjack and More: What To Consider While Playing Casino Games

While playing different games in online casino sites, there are many details that you should pay attention to. Blackjack, for example, is a game that requires both strategy and luck at the same time. Therefore, it will be much more useful for individuals who will prefer Blackjack to have some information about the online casino world. When you have just entered the casino world, you can choose games based on chance, such as slot machines. In addition to gaining experience over time, you can choose more difficult and strategic options.

What Does Playing Blackjack Require?

To play blackjack, you must first use French playing cards. This game is known as 21 on online casino sites. It is known that the chance factor of the game is extremely high. There are many game options within the Blackjack game. Let’s examine them one by one if you want.

  1. Stand: The player has two cards when the game first starts. If the player is happy with these cards, he will not draw new cards. In this way, the game continues.
  2. Hit: The player is required to take one or more additional cards at this stage. But these cards should not exceed 21. If this happens, the player will lose the game.
  3. Double: The player wants to earn a higher amount of money in a shorter period of time, by increasing the betting rate. The player doubles the betting odds and in return accepts only one additional card.
  4. Split: In order to use this strategy, two different cards in the user’s hand must be equal. The value of these two cards must be ten. Then, one of the options listed above can be used.
  5. Surrender: If the player does not want to continue taking risks in the continuation of the game, he can take half the bet from the game and then leave the game. This option is preferred especially by more abstaining players.

Will playing Blackjack on online casino sites save me money?

Of course. The blackjack game is extremely advantageous, the game’s house of edge ratio is extremely low. Therefore, the reward rate you can win from the game at once is extremely high.

Do online casino sites really make money?

Yes. Advantageous games, high-level bonus options, and much more available on online casino sites allow you to earn money profitably.

How many games are there on online casino sites?

Numerous different games in both slot machines, table games, and tournaments categories are actively offered to you.